Dance to the talking drum

This is an hourglass shaped drum that is used in communication. It’s has some strings that the drummer draws while playing to change the tone of its sound.

It’s is highly respected by both royals and non royals. It conveys messages of praise poems to its intended dancer. It can be played in BATA dance.

It can be called Doodo, Dondo, Gangan, etc. there are 3 sizes that make up the drum and all three have special role they play in the beats. “The largest of the three is the iyá or the mother drum, the middle one is the itótele, and the baby is the okónkolo.

The drum is truly special to the Yoruba folks as they cherish every tone it produces. It can be seen in museums outside the scope of Africa. Especially European folks who visited Africa or heard about the talking drum.

It’s called talking drum because it talks and it’s eulogizing ways are so soothing to everyone human even the spirits.

It’s a talking drum 😅

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  1. Daniel Akpochafo says:

    Yeah… Different occasions I did experience the talking drum been played…awesome sound..


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