Touring can be so much fun when you do it with friends but others claim to enjoy it alone. The internet has given us the the opportunity to visit the world with our cell phones from the comfort of our homes. Through Ericotrips blog and many others, touring has been made easy for us all….


We all need to get inspired in one way or the other and sometimes our only inspiration is “US”. We need to cheer ourselves just by ourselves. Some times we feel we have lost all hope when we give our dreams a trial but we give up so easily when it doesn’t work out fine….

Easy tips to preventing Covid-19 😷

Photo credit It is no longer news that in December 2019, the world woke to the report of a viral infection, coronavirus (COVID-19). It’s first case was reported in China, Wuhan territory. The upper respiratory tract virus has since been called a global pandemic after cases were reported in most continents. The Outbreak of Covid-19…

How I became my own boss

Choosing a career is quite interesting but pursuing it is very difficult. Sometimes the external forces behind keeps telling you to quit and shove it away but only few people made it to pushing far. Sandymusings in an interview with young Miss PHILIP GODIYA JOY popularly known as Godiya dishes, explained in detail, her love…

Dance to the talking drum

This is an hourglass shaped drum that is used in communication. It’s has some strings that the drummer draws while playing to change the tone of its sound. It’s is highly respected by both royals and non royals. It conveys messages of praise poems to its intended dancer. It can be played in BATA…